Martin Quiroz, Esq.


Quiroz Law Firm, APC, was founded by Martin Quiroz who is licensed to pratice law in California and Colombia, licensed as a California real estate broker and certified as a U.S. Small Business Adminstration (SBA) loan closing attorney. Martin Quiroz focuses his practice on immigratrion, real estate, business, personal injury and international law matters involving Latin America. Martin Quiroz is the legal counsel to the Colombian Consulate in Los Angeles, that has jurisdiction over Southern California, Arizona and New Mexico. Martin Quiroz has served on the board of directors of a SBA certified development corporation, a commercial financial institution, a mortgage lending insittution and a large senior housing developer.  Broker / owner at GreenRock Real Estate Solutions, a Los Angeles real estate brokerage firm established in 2006. Former compliance and attorney roles at PIMCO, Bank of America, Sigue and more, as well as former mortgage lending institution principal.

Active member of the State Bar of California, Colombian Attorney Association, American Immigration Lawyer Association, American Bar Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association, California Department of Real Estate, National Association of Realtors, Calfornia Association of Realtors.

Martin Quiroz is above else a family man, father of two girls, a devoted husband, a futbol (soccer) aficionado and a former girls soccer coach with the American Youth Soccer Organization in Encino California.

Committed to assiting immigrants, minorities and businesses in their growth journey on an all areas of immigration, entreprenurial growth and active investment.

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