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Martín Quiroz, Esq.

Martin Quiroz is the principal attorney at Quiroz Law Firm. Mr. Quiroz is primarily a business lawyer that focuses on providing efficient business counsel, legal strategies, and business deal structuring to companies and entrepreneurs alike. From startups to mid-size businesses, Mr. Quiroz takes on the role of general counsel thus handling all matters that have legal, compliance, and risk management implications to the business operations. Mr. Quiroz's experience and clients cover various industries, most of which are highly regulated, such as mortgage industry, wealth management, real estate, money service business, health care, retail, wholesale, media, hospitality, technology, and commercial financing, to name a few. Handling complex matters in highly regulated and changing industries in a sensible and effective manner is his specialty.


At Quiroz Law Firm we have the knowledge and experience to navigate the legal corporate world, we understand the legal aspects of business, compliance, risk, and management. We have the right attitude to help you grow your business without becoming a burden on your budget.


At Quiroz Law Firm we understand the entrepreneur spirit and the courage that growing business demands. We are committed to adding value and to actively contribute to your growth and peace of mind because we understand that peace of mind while running your business is achieved by knowing that all risks are being properly managed.

Our Team


Principal Attorney

As the founder, Martin is the principal lawyer of Quiroz Law Firm. Responsible for providing honest, effective legal services ...



Founding Partner Abogados Quiroz in Colombia

As the father of Martin Quiroz, founder of Quiroz Law Firm in California, he always demonstrated through his example how the legal profession can be exercised with dignity, honesty and efficiency.


Quiroz Law Firm

At Quiroz Law Firm, customer satisfaction is our number one goal. We want to offer our customers a unique experience that helps them feel comfortable with our services and part of our Family. Call us today for a totally Free consultation at 1-888-300-5294

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